English Vital Records

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Please go to this link to get a detailed explanation of how the records keeping system is set up. These records are held at: The Family Records Centre, 1 Mydlleton Street, Islington, LONDON EC1R 1UW

The Vol reference numbers shown below are better explained here. And an explanation of how the districts work is found here.

The Index as provided by the ONS doesn't provide the first name of the spouse, I have filled in first names when I have them available from other sources.


Marriage Records - 1860 - 1983

Quarter Name Name of Husband or Wife District Vol Page
March 1860 McGing, Thomas Tierney, Ellen Stockport 8a 11b
December 1867 McGing, Margaret King, Dennis Stockport 8a 140
December 1871 McGing, Austin McGing, Catherine Ormskirk 8b 1183
  McGing, Catherine McGing, Austin Ormskirk 8b 1183
December 1872 McGing, Patrick Joyce, Catherine Newcastle under Lyme 6b 125
June 1880 McGing, Philip O'Donnell, Mary Newcastle under Lyme 6b 85
December 1881 McGing, Winefrid Connor, Michael Stockport 8b 132
September 1882 McGing, James McDonald, Mary Stockport 8a 125
June 1883 McGinn, Philip   Stockport 8a 123
March 1895 McGinn, Austin McGinn, Mary Ormskirk 8b 907
  McGinn, Mary McGinn, Austin Ormskirk 8b 907
March 1903 McGing, Patrick Kelly, Bridget Newcastle under Lyme 6b 83
June 1904 McGing, Austin Rawhorn, Ellen Newcastle under Lyme 6b 143
June 1910

McGing, Mary

  Newcastle under Lyme 6b 133
September 1915

McGing, John

Fuller, Catherine

Ormskirk 8b 1942
September 1917

McGing, Bridget

Beard, John

Stockport 8a 126
September 1926

McGing, Annie

Fiveash, Alfred S

Halbern (London) 1b 1293
September 1928

McGing, James

Ankers, Sarah A.E *

Stoke upon Trent 6b 482
March 1930

McGing, Annie

Edge, Joseph

Newcastle under Lyme 6b 91
September 1931

McGing, Kathleen

Green, Frank T

Finsburry 1b 1580
December 1932

McGing, John

Cullen, Mary

Epsom 2a 128
March 1934

McGing, Charles E

Bailey, Hilda

Stoke upon Trent 6b 437
June 1934

McGing, John J **

McGee, Ellen Amelia

Edmonton (London) 3a 596

McGing, Michael J

Cummins, Julia M

Harhillswich (London) 1a 596
March 1935

McGing, Michael


Rochford 4a 1078
September 1935

McGing, Joseph

Talbot, Lillian M

Newcastle under Lyme 6b 311
June 1936

McGing, John M

Nolan, Gladys *

Huddersfield 9a 1052

McGing, Winifred

Kelly, William

Fylde 8e 1751
June 1938

McGing, Patrick

Cull, Bridget

Liverpool North 8b 1161
December 1938

McGing, James

Julia Hughes

Portsmouth 2b 1476

McGing, Thomas

Shepheard, Bessie

Bedwelty 11a 212
March 1939

McGing, Anthony

McGing, Mary K

Surrey Mid East 2a 355
September 1939

McGing, Patrick M

Bates, Edith M E

St. Albans 3a 5352
December 1939

McGing, Michael

Joyce, Mary

Surrey Mid East 2a 1137
March 1940

McGing, John J

Wardle, Mary E

Watford 3a 403
September 1940

McGing, John S

Miller, Edna

Bootle 8b 854

McGing, Thomas

Stacey, Nora

Stoke upon Trent 6b 957
June 1941

McGing, John


Kensington 1a 433
June 1942

McGing, Austin

Luscombe, Olive J

Kingsbridge 5b 669

McGing, Kate

Preston, William

Liverpool North 8b 908
September 1942

McGing, Patrick J

Gleason, Eileen G

Wandsworth 1d 754
June 1944

McGing, Maurice J *

Dyre, Florence C

Knaresborough (Yorkshire) 9a 276
March 1946

McGing, Bridget


Watford 3a 2693
June 1946

McGing, Agnes

Rochelle, Bernard

Newcastle under Lyme 6b 292
September 1947

McGing, Bridget

Butler, Mick

Surrey Mid East 5g 833
December 1947

McGing, John


Belper 3a 215
June 1948

McGing, John

Lydon, Mary

Willesden 5f 598
September 1949

McGing, Martin

Roddick, Nancy

Bootle 10b 1577
December 1949

McGing, Bridget A


Kettering 3b 1269

McGing, Kathleen

Long, Larry

Rugby 9c 1877
June 1950

McGing, Thomas

Stanton, Ellen

Birmingham 9c 794
March 1952

McGing, Francis P

Threllfall, Barbara

Bootle 10b 1441

McGing, Mary

Doyle, Michael

Birmingham 9c 1566
March 1953

McGing, Mary M


Prescott 10f 494
June 1953

McGing, Margaret


Kettering 3b 1259
September 1953

McGing, William


Bromsgrove 9d 117
December 1953

McGing, Peter


Bootle 10b 951
March 1954

McGing, Brian J


Newcastle Under Lyme 9b 644

McGing, Michael J


Wandsworth 5d 1782
June 1954

McGing, James


Kettering 3b 1239
December 1954

McGing, Nora


Wandsworth 5d 1349
March 1955

McGing, Mary

Lindsay, Joe

Aldershot 6b 71
September 1955

McGing, John


Chelsea 5c 668

McGing, Kathleen


Hull 2a 786
June 1956

McGing, Thomas P


Hampstead 5c 1428
September 1956

McGing, Bridget


Durham S.E 1a 1829

McGing, Mary


Surrey N. E. 5g 1326

McGing, Thomas M


Oldham 10f 203
March 1957

McGing, Ann

Herterich Luton 4a 529
  McGing, Peter Wells Newcastle Under Lyme 9b 814
September 1957 McGing, Mary Kerr, John Leicester 3a 1789
September 1958 McGing, Ann Kunec Newcastle Under Lyme 9b 817
  McGing, Karry M Washington Newcastle Under Lyme 9b 727
March 1959 McGing, Mary R Lambert Stoke N'ton 5d 1419
September 1959 McGing, Mary P Joyce Bedwelty 8c 126
  McGing, Nora A McCabe Manchester 10e 663
March 1960 McGing, Mary McGarry Kettering 3b 1401
June 1960 McGing, Brian M Thompson New Market 4b 1991
September 1960 McGing, Elizabeth Rolls Shrewsbury 9a 602
June 1961 McGing, Eugene A Foley, Mary Agnes Hammersmith 5c 1421
  McGing, Joan Walker Hull 2a 606
December 1961 McGing, Dorothy A Woodward Stoke N'Ton 5d 1199
September 1962 McGing, Bernard McCarthy Newcastle Under Lyme 9b 915
  McGing, Michael J Harman Aldershot 6b 38
June 1963 McGing, John J O'Neill Birmingham 9c 962
September 1963 McGing, Bridget F Derrig Edmonton 5e 1131
  McGing, Sheila Platt Stoke 9b 1811
  McGing, Thomas J Dally Brixworth 3b 1395
March 1964 McGing, Carol Bird Wandsworth 5d 1310
June 1964 McGing, Joseph Baskeyfield Newcastle Under Lyme 9b 621
September 1964 McGing, Rose M Pleasants Surrey N.E. 5g 1443
December 1964 McGing, Gerard A Jacobs, Shirley Sutton Coldf'ld 9c 2192
  McGing, Rita A Hogan Solihull 9c 2047
September 1965 McGing, Thomas Kelly, Bridget Camberwell 5a 1968
December 1965 McGing, Anita M Wrennall, Clifford Kingsbridge 7a 1002
March 1966 McGing, Lawrence T Jones Southend 4a 2173
June 1966 McGing, Mary Creaney Fullham 5b 877
December 1966 McGing, Nora T Doolin Merton 5o 894
March 1967 McGing, Thomas O'Shea Birmingham 9c 1671
September 1967 McGing, Ann Henry, James Brent 5a 989
  McGing, Ellen Marker St Marlybone 5o 2547
  McGing, Mary E Dillane, Joseph Brent 5a 990
March 1968 McGing, Brigit Comrie Manchester 10e 410
  McGing, Michael J Bangs St. Albans 4b 809
  McGing, Peter Blanchard Bedwelty 8c 161
September 1968 McGing, Anthony Mallon Kensington 5c 2318
  McGing, Catherine C Lowe Birmingham 9c 1925
  McGing, Olive J Hunt Kingsbridge 7a 1318
March 1969 McGing, Bernadette Gavin, Thomas Enfield 5b 558
  McGing, Stephanie A Kinnish Southend 4a 1865
June 1969 McGing, Betty Bill S. Newington 5e 232
September 1969 McGing, David J Davis Watford 4b 1326
March 1970 McGing, Terrence E Merchant Newcastle Under Lyme 9b 828
June 1970 McGing, Mary Murray Bootle 10b 1421
September 1970 McGing, John Walsh Fulham 5b 1117
  McGing, Margaret M Toland Birmingham 9c 2048
  McGing, Shelagh Harrison Hull 2a 772
June 1971 McGing, Patrick M McCourt Birmingham 9c 1442
September 1971 McGing, John Littlejohn Teesside N. 1b 1874
March 1973 McGing, Theresa A O'Connor Kettering 3b 1372
June 1973 McGing, Hilda M McGing Wycomb 6a 1638
  McGing, Michael Kerrigan Wandsworth 5e 1058
  McGing, Patrick McGing Wycomb 6a 1638
September 1973 McGing, Brendan D Heath Chesterfield 3a 756
  McGing, Margaret A Howell Birmingham 9c 419
  McGing, Mary T Hogan Brent 5a 972
  McGing, Thomas P Kohner Cambridge 4a 1031
June 1974 McGing, Sandra Shere Maidstone 16 1076
  McGing, Thomas J Hawkins Thanet 16 1506
September 1974 McGing, Norah E Pitt Cambridge 16 0250
March 1975 McGing, John G Kelly Wandsworth 15 1005
  McGing, Marian F Hampton Manchester 38 1024
September 1975 McGing, (unreadable) Lewis Wallasey 37 1273
December 1975 McGing, Ann Lyons Crosby 37 0368
September 1977 McGing, Maureen Strong Lambeth 13 0358
March 1978 McGing, Nora T Dawson Corby 7 1601
December 1978 McGing, Maureen Cunningham Crosby 37 0316
  McGing, Patricia M Whelpdale Appleby 1 0017
March 1979 McGing, Austin Poynton Liverpool 36 0317
December 1979 McGing, Martin Guise Sandwell 33 0784
June 1980 McGing, Stephen F Chaderton, Audrey Sefton South 37 0248
December 1980 McGing, Elizabeth M Gould Chesterfield 6 0426
  McGing, Kevin Gallon Chesterfield 6 0427
  McGing, Terence J Perry St Albans 10 0613
September 1981 McGing, Anne Halliday Wallasey 37 1164
  McGing, Terence E Eagles Stroke on Trent 30 2086
June 1982 McGing, Alan Howat Sefton South 37 0243
September 1982 McGing, John C Watson Salford 39 0675
December 1982 McGing, Michael J P Flynn Camden 14 1244
  McGing, Susan B Philips, John Sefton South 37 0286
March 1983 McGing, David Allcock Halton 35 0359
  McGing, James P O'Reilly Trafford 35 1190
September 1983 McGing, Michael F Ing Kingsbridge 21 1412
December 1983 McGing, Brendan Barnes Oldham 39 0010


Marriages 1984 - 2000

Date of RegistrationNameSpouse's surnameRegistration DistrictReg NoEnt No
March 1984McGing, Frances M AppiahChesterfield6299 
March 1984McGing, Vera E AllenChiltern/B 19751 
March 1984McGing, Vera E Burgess-AllenChiltern/B 19751 
July 1984McGing, Pauline A JohnsonSurrey S E 171121 
October 1984McGing, Sharon MellorNewcastle/L 30706 
June 1985McGing, Timothy I WelshHillingdon 13719 
October 1985McGing, Martin B HilditchStaffs Moors301011 
January 1986McGing, Christina M JonesPortsmouth 20621 
October 1986McGing, Antoinette C WerboweckyjMilton/K 191091 
October 1986McGing, Gerard F CoffeyHarrow 121107 
January 1987McGing, John A TaylorManchester 38503 
May 1987McGing, Anthony D HeathStaffs Moors301747 
May 1987McGing, Christopher M DuttonNewcastle/L 301231 
June 1987McGing, Thomas M AirdOldham 39163 
September 1987McGing, Elizabeth W BraySefton South37276 
December 1987McGing, Ann E PascoWestminster 151090 
February 1988McGing, Graham J HodgkinsonOldham 39106 
March 1988McGing, Kevin HallNewcastle/L 30628 
April 1988McGing, Nicola C BatmazLewisham 14382 
August 1988McGing, Sean T RourkeOldham 39181 
March 1989McGing, David J WestonMilton/K 19742 
May 1989McGing, Peter FisherSefton South37284 
August 1989McGing, Denise BoycottOldham 39186 
September 1989McGing, Julie GeeSefton South37480 
June 1990McGing, Joanne M MaddenSt Albans 10920 
November 1990McGing, Karen M MorganNewcastle/L 30751 
April 1991McGing, Brendon DobsonTameside 391317 
August 1991McGing, Karen L PoxonStaffs Moors302026 
August 1991McGing, Martin BracebridgeStourbridge 33813 
July 1992McGing, Marie A SweeneyWatford 101331 
September 1992McGing, Anthony M FinneyStaffs Moors302233 
May 1993McGing, Linda E CollingsAlton 2024 
February 1994McGing, Elizabeth A LastSheffield 4350141
May 1994McGing, Sean P WilliamsNewport 836104013
October 1994McGing, Marie GrocuttS Glamorgan 89030246
July 1995McGing, Brendan M MozulsRedbridge 24713248
September 1996McGing, Brendan HurleyOldham 7178114
September 1996McGing, Brendon HurleyOldham 7178114
October 1996McGing, Avril M MasonCroydon 225474203
October 1996McGing, Carol L BrigstockStourbridge 6630642
August 1997McGing, Victoria P JonesWest Surrey 7611461231
January 1999McGing, [Private]SaidStoke/Trent 73760188
March 1999McGing, Sandra J OlubajiStoke/Trent 73711038
September 1999McGing, Philip TateNewham 25741060
June 2000McGing, Karen HealyBirmingham 6160123
July 2000McGing, Simon EdmondsonChester/E P 3401310186
August 2000McGing, Jayne A ForresterNewcastle/L 733111327
December 2000McGing, Sean D TronWaltham/F 255115216


* also in death records

** Child in birth records


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