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I have on order the following films:

0926009 1279230 1279209 1279210 1279211 1279212 1279260 1279261

What I am looking for and transcribing are entries related to McGings or other related families. I also recommend Pat Deese's transcriptions of records in this area also.

I have also had a serious researcher in Ireland, Sr. Helen, assist in this effort. She's actually seen the parish registers and has provided me with the names she has written down. In the tables below, if the source is LDS, it's from the film, but if it's PR it's from the Parish Register as transcribed by Sr. Helen and keyed in again here by me. If Sr. helen has found it and I've also found it in LDS film, it is listed as LDS. You may have to check more than one film to duplicate this research!

Obligatory disclaimer: No claims are made to the accuracy of any on-line records. I have attempted to be as accurate as possible, but at times, interpretation is close to impossible and transcribing mistakes very likely exist. The researcher must obtain copies of the original documents for their records to insure accuracy or check the LDS films to verify. Copied to the best of my ability. Townland and Surnames spellings vary. Transcribed and Submitted by: John McGing.

Film Number 0979697 and 1279209

Baptismal register for 1828-1836 in Aughagower

What I'm finding are "Ging"s. And I could have missed some, I found a couple only because I had a page up and looked at it sideways and caught the name in my field of vision, even though I had already looked at the film. Some pages are terrible quality. I found I had to kind of depend on automatic pattern recognition because consciously looking gave me a headache.

If anyone gets the desire to review these films, here's what I think I found:

Source Date of Birth Name Father Mother Townland Sponsor Sponsor
LDS September 16, 1828 Pat (a bastard) Pat Ging Anne Walsh Myles Walsh Kate Walsh
LDS January 1, 1829 Bridget John Higgins Biddy Higgins Tonlegee Pat Ging Peggy Gavin
LDS January 1, 1829 Thomas Jasper (James) (Joseph)Lally Judy Tonlegee Austin Ging Margaret Kelly
LDS January 13, 1829 Mary Illegible Illigible Lahorane Michael Morrin Betty Maley
LDS January 17, 1829 Thomas James Corcoran Mary Tonlegee James Ging Mary Ging
LDS January 19, 1829 Pat Peter Heneghty Ann Doon Thomas Ging Ging
LDS April 11, 1829 Austin John Ging Bridget Ging Tonlegee John Geraghty Ann O'Boyle
PR May 10, 1829 John Thomas Duffy Winny Pat Duffy ? Ging
LDS November (May) 23, 1829 John Austin Ging Katherine Ging Tonlegee Thomas Ging Bridget Lally
PR December 12, 1829 Pat James McGing Mary McGing Tonlegee John Kelly ?
PR February 12, 1830 Pat John Ging Bridget Ging Tonlegee Bryan Ging Judy Ging
LDS March 28, 1830 Thomas James Ging Minny Ging Doon Martin Gerghaty Biddy Murry
PR April 21, 1830 Honor Hugh Maguire Bridget Curveigh William Maguire Catherine Jennings
LDS May 9, 1830 Kitty John Ging Bridget Tonlegee Anthony Gavin Ann Gavin
LDS June 3, 1830 Anne James Ging Mary Ging Doon Pat Ging Margaret Caffrey
LDS June 27, 1830 Daniel Michael Ging Catherine Ging Tonlegee John Kerby Catherine Derrig
LDS September 12, 1830
Churching of Mrs. Anthony Ging, Sraheen
LDS October 3, 1830 Michael Austin Ging Cate Ging Tonlegee Tom Kelly Bridget Kelly
LDS December 5, 1830 Kate Phillip Tobin Nellie Sraheen ? Walsh Cate Ging
LDS January 24, 1831 Austin Pat Ging Ellen Ging Letterneen Michael McGinn Bridget McGinn
LDS February 12, 1831 Pat John Ging Bridget Tonlegee Bryan Ging Judy Ging
PR February 21, 1831 Judith Michael Ging Catherine Ging Sraheen Ned Walsh Margaret Burke
LDS March 3, 1831 Bridget James Ging Mary Tonlegee illegible illigible
LDS August 31, 1831 Rose John Ging Bridget Ging Tonlegee Patrick Gavin Mary Gavin
LDS September 13, 1831 Rose Henry Chulky (?) Bridget Cufsin James Boyle Sally McGingg
PR November 26, 1831 James Austin Ging Cate Ging Curveigh Dominic Kelly Bridget Walsh
LDS December 10, 1831 John James Ging Winnie Ging Doon or Trean Pat Ging Ann Ging
LDS December 26, 1831 James Austin Ging Kate Ging Tonlegee Dermot Kelly Bridgit Ma??
LDS May 23, 1832 Margaret Austin Ging Cate Ging Tonlegee Pat McGuire Judith Ging
PR July 31, 1832 Thomas Austin Ging Mary   John Carney Cathy Heraghty
LDS October 2, 1832 Pat Pat McGinne Mary Curveigh Austin Ging Bridget Ging
LDS October 28, 1832 Annie or Honoria Dennis McGinne Bridget Tonlegee Bryan Ging Judith Ging
LDS November 10, 1832 Thomas John Ging Bridget Ton;egee Pat Ging Mary Ging
LDS January 28, 1833 Biddy Neall Sheridan Mary Sheridan Aughagower Pat Maley Mary Ging
LDS March 31, 1833 Bridget John Ging Bridget Ging Tonlegee Michael Gavan Cate Gavan
LDS August 11, 1833 Kevin Mick (?) Ging Cate Tonlegee Phillip Fa(?) Sally Fa(?)
LDS September 29, 1833 Daniel Austin Ging Cate Ging Tonlegee Pat Ging Bridget McNally
LDS November 15, 1833 Mary James Lally Judith Tonlegee Martin Ging Bridget Walsh
LDS November 30, 1833 Thomas Martin Finnie? Margaret ? Peter Keane Bridget Ging
LDS January 12, 1834 Bridget (a bastard) Martin Moran Mary Ging ? Pat Walsh Bridget Walsh
LDS February 16, 1834 Mary Pat Cain Honor Cain Currough John Ging Bridget Ging
LDS March 19, 1834 Pat Anthony Ging (McGine) Tabby Ging Sraheen Pat Mairin(Moran) Bridget Mairin(Moran)
LDS April 15, 1834 Cate John Ging Bridget Ging Tonlegee Michael Gavin Catey Gavin
LDS April 27, 1834 Daniel John Ging Anne Ging Arderry Michael Ging Mary Walsh
LDS July 19, 1834 Michael Pat Ging Mary Ging Doon Pat Ging Ann Ging
LDS September 23, 1834 Bridget ? Heneghty Bridget Doon Peter Ging (?) Ging
PR December 8, 1834 Michael John Malley Anne Curdarragh James Heneghan Mary Ging
LDS December 21, 1834 James Martin Lally Mary Lally Sraheen James Hinchon Mary Ging


1835 is a mess. Quality really goes down and it's very difficult to make things out. Pages are so faint as to be blank. I had the woman working next to me amazed at the things I did find when I asked her to look at it also. She's not have seen it in the first place, she said.


LDS January ??, 1835 Martin John ? Cate ? ? ? Mary Ging
LDS February 15, 1835 Margaret Austin Ging Cate Ging Tonlegee Pat Maguire Judith Maguire
LDS November 29, 1835 John John Ging Ann Ging Tonlegee ? ?
LDS January 3, 1836 Mary Pat Ging Jane Ging Tonlegee John Ging Ann Ging
LDS February 13, 1836 Honoria Pat (or Thomas) Ging Patty Ging Aughagower Edward ? Honor ?
PR February 20, 1836 Mary Austin Ging Catherine
PR March 16, 1836 Patrick Austin Ging Mary Tonlegee

End of this section of film.

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