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Obligatory disclaimer: No claims are made to the accuracy of any on-line records. I have attempted to be as accurate as possible, but at times, interpretation is close to impossible and transcribing mistakesvery likely exist. The researcher must obtain copies of the original documents for their records to insure accuracy. Copied to the best of my ability. Townland and Surnames spellings vary. Transcribed and Submitted by: John McGing.

Film Number 0979697

New book - Baptisms in Aughagower September 24, 1854 - December 18, 1880

This is in far better condition, although the writing is quite stilted.

Note on page for August 1870: Pat Gibbons was married to Ann McGing in Aughagower Church on 5/25/1910.

Note on page for May 1874: Married James ? of Aughagower July 2, 1916

Note on page for Feb 1881: P.L.? married Mary McGing at Tourmakeady Church

Source Date of Birth Name Father Mother Townland Sponsor Sponsor
LDS March 25, 1855 John Daniel Malley Bridget McGinn Ballygalman Nick (?) Bridget (?)
LDS March 25, 1855 Catherine Patt Greavey Mary McGinn Aughagower Tom McGuire Katherine McGinn
LDS June 10, 1855 John Michael Sell? Bridget McGing Tonlegee Thomas McGinn Bridget Thornton
LDS July 8, 1855 Martin John McGinn Bridget Sheridan Ardaragh Martin Sheridan Ann Sheridan
LDS August 19, 1855 John Patt Kean Mary Ludden Shraheen Patt McGinn Bridgit (?)
LDS October 15, 1855 Michael Michael McGinn Mary Kilcoyne Tonlegee   Bridget McGinn
LDS April 16, 1856 Michael Patt McGinn Jane Scahill Ardarra James Scott Bridget McGinn
LDS April 24, 1856 John Patt Greavey Margaret McGinn Aughagower John Sheridan Ellen Sheridan
LDS August ?, 1856 Bridget Martin Derry Honoria McGinn(?) Sraheen Mathias McGinn Beth(?) McGinn
LDS February 15, 1857 Patrick Dan Hallman Brid McGinn Ballygalmas John Sheridan Peggy Greavey
PR June 21, 1857 John Thomas Duffy Mary McGinn Lanmore
LDS December 6, 1857 James John McGinn Bridget Sheridan Ardarra Martin Sheridan Anne Sheridan
LDS August 29, 1858 Bridget Michael McGinn Mary Kilcoyne Tonlegee Patrick Kilcoyne Peggy McGinn
LDS May 15, 1859 Anne Pat Gavin Bridget Nolan Ardarra John McGinn Mary McGinn
PR October 2, 1859 Honoria John McGinn Bridget Sheridan Arderry Pat Gavin Ann Sheridan
LDS May 29, 1861 Bridget John McGinn Brid Sheridan Ardarra Pat Gavin Honoria Conway
LDS October 26, 1861 Martin John Sheridan Mary McGinn Aughagower Patt McGinn Anne Sheridan
LDS December 25, 1861 Jane Patt McGinn Jane McGinn Ardarra John McGinn Mary McGinn
LDS February 16, 1862 Margaret Patt Gavin Bridget Gavin Ardarra Austin McGinn Bridget McGinn
LDS September 30, 1865 Bridget Patt Greavey Mary Greavey Aughagower Mick McGinn Mary Lally
LDS April 16, 1866 Rose Patt Sherry Sarah Sherry ? James McGinn Catherine McGinn
LDS September 12, 1866 Bridget Peter Keane Mary McGing Tonlegee John McGing Bridget McGing
LDS March 5, 1870 Thomas Patt Gearey Margaret McGinn Aughagower Patt Greavey Bridget Greavey
LDS August 5, 1870 Mary Thomas Duffy Mary McGinn Laumore John Duffy Catherine Duffy
LDS May 6, 1874 Bridget John MacGinn Bridget Sheridan Augaghower ? McGinn ? McGinn
LDS May 13, 1874 John? Thomas ? McGinn Bridget McGinn   Pat McGing Bridget ?
LDS May 8, 1875 Arthur Thomas Greacy Margaret McGing   ? Walsh ? Sheridan
LDS August 11, 1875 Patrick Thomas McGing Bridget Gavin   Pat Gavin Biddy McGing (a widow)
LDS November 18, 1875 John Emis? McGing Mary McGing   Thomas McGing Bridget Gavin
LDS December 2, 1876 Margaret ? Catherine Collins   Daniel ? Kitty McGing
LDS February 10, 1877 Patrick Patrick McGing Mary Duffy   Thomas McGing Bridget Lyman?
LDS August 15, 1877 ? ? McGing Bridget Carty   Michael Carty Mar? McGing
LDS June 12, 1878 Pat Thomas ? McGing Bridget McGing   Patrick McGing Bridget McGing
LDS May 24, 1879 John Michael Gavin Honor McGing   Austin Gavin Jane McGing
LDS August 27, 1879 Michael (or Maire) Patrick McGing Bridget Carty   Peter Keane Mrs Carty
LDS February 3, 1881 Patt John McGing Bridget Carnall Ardarra John Carnall Mary Carnall

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