Pictures of Old Ireland

This is a series of what can be high bandwidth pictures I found in one of those CD bundles that you buy, you know, over 1,000,000 clip art sets. Most of these seem to be from a National Geographic story in 1915 or are engravings from old books.

I thought it might be nice to have something that portrays what life was like almost a 100 years ago, give us a sense of the life the old ones had.


Castle on Loch MaskCastle on Loch Mask (1923)

Westport 1923Quay's at Westport (1923)

Ruined CastleRuined Castle

Mayo BeachMayo Beach

Mayo VillageMayo Village

Entrance to ConnemaraEntrance to Connemara from Mayo

Celtic CrossCeltic Cross


2 Old FellasTwo Old Fellas

Easting LunchEating Lunch

Walking the bourheenWalking the bourheen

O'Connell St BridgeO'Connell St Bridge (1923)


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Last updated 4/2/2018