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August 2021 - Damn - no updates for 18 months? Covid I guess. I've been working on the family tree and I admit that sometimes the Ancestry tree is more complete for some lines than the Legacy tree I maintain. That's often because with large families Ancestry can flesh out a tree much faster than havinug to rekey it all into Legacy. And if it's a distant relation, I just may truncate it on the Legacy tree. After all, between the two I can eventually put them in synch. The way I often work is to let Ancestry tree be a basis for detailed work, as I try to find documentation (when the period allows for such) as I enter people. I rarely enter people without something to confirm their basic facts and if I do, I usually put a note about my thinking. So my Legacy tree will have a lot of details but the Ancestry tree may also contain the same plus additional details. It's time consuming to copy every single piece of Ancestry data to a Legacy personal file when you have so many people. Again, because it's amazingly time consuming to try and keeep both in perfect synch. So I'll have Legacy opened in one window and Ancestry on another monitor and run them side by side.

So while DNA hasn't broken many walls recently, the tree gets more complex as new DNA matches turn up and fill in previously stunted or small branches. It's by being complete I've stumbled upon previously unknown spouses and their families being already related to the person I'm researching. It was a small world in Mayo, and a lot of people are distantly related to each other before they marry.

December 2019 - I am doing a wholesale update of the underlying html of this site and learning as I do it. But in doing so, I will be getting rid of some things that are no longer worth converting - things like transcribed Census pages, given their availability online in so many places. Converting them to new html5 is just too much work.

September 2019 – So now we have 4 male McGings from non-connected lines who have done Y-DNA testing and I updated the results at the “Are McGings DNA Cousins” link (above). The 4 lines tested are traceable back to the early 1800s but with zero known connections between them. So for them all to be in the same Y-DNA group and reasonably distant from each other, we do get more data to support the idea that we are all related, even if we cannot name who that common ancestor is. (He may not have been a McGing, but his descendants adopted the surname. And so far this DNA combination only has been seen with men in Scotland and Ireland.

August 2019 – I’m tickled that a new Y dna test on a member of a McGing line that I cannot link via records does show a connection. Have to spend some time working through how this can help link associated lines. Slowly finding proofs on how McGings must surely all be cousins. And here is a must read link on Irish naming conventions - https://irelandxo.com/ireland-xo/news/irelandxo-insight-irish-naming-and-baptism-traditions

April 2019 – No breakthroughs, been spending time working on my wife’s half sister’s paternity. Been interesting. The new tools at MyHeritage and Ancestry helped flesh out some lines but no knocked down walls yet.

Feb 2019 - No major breakthroughs but lots of tweaking the data and updating supporting documentation. I can see numbers creep up as holiday testers results get posted to Ancestry, FTDNA etc but no one has yet has been able to push back any dates or clear up mysteries. A lot of 4th cousins and more remote and those aren’t much use. And the 2nd cousins all seem to be Joyce’s. Which is a rant all by itself J Still looking for any leads on ways to update this site from the 1997 era html its coded in. I’m aware it’s pretty “old school”.

Oct 2018 – If anyone knows someone who could help me redo this website in a way that lets me update it easily, let me know. It is really showing its age. There are nooks and crannies that have decent data that are hard to find. I’m just too old for relearning the modern tools of website building when I’ve other things I want to do instead. And I do own my own website name and host the site on my own. No research breakthroughs but the new DNA Painter is to me vital to figure out those links that you don’t know what family line to try and research. The Ancestry rejigger of the ethnicity finally matches what my paper research shows to be true.

Sept 2018 – So it’s been a while, no major break throughs, no distant family lines have done DNA tests, lots of incremental records updating, tweaking some lines by fleshing out family files. I’ve a few long term conversations going on with Joyce connections. Clearly have Joyce relations just don’t know how they are related.

April 2018 – Incremental work progressing. Fixing the web pages, updating as I find things. Trying to better document things and clean up my records and files. I’m hoping that folks who match me on my mom’s side can help me start to figure out that family tree, since the family doesn’t know that much. I remain scratching my head over the way folks in my family tree had intermarried, as I hunt at least one and likely 2 ancestors who are common to both my mom and dad.

March 2018 – I’m liking the new RootsFinder tool. Especially the DNA visualization tools. It helps that folks have been putting stuff into Gedmatch. The more folks who match on Ancestry or 23andme who put their data on Gedmatch, the more connections we can find and the better it is to look at specific chromosomes. That’s how we eliminate wrong family paths and save time. I urge everyone to add stuff to Gedmatch. It'll pay off.

On FTDNA I find a woman in Sweden who is connected strongly to my mom’s sister Mary. But this Swedish lady is someone whose family roots there is for hundreds of years. But it seems someone from her family must have visited Ireland or England because some of her family DNA is in Mary as a reasonably close cousin (but not her sister Nora). Hoping she answers my emails soon.

Had the same thing with dad on MyHeritage. A family hundreds of years in Norway has a reasonably close connection to dad. And neither of these cousin connections is from the Vikings, it's from the last 150 years or so. And because people test, I have just found that my mom’s family has a DNA connection to my great great grandparents on my dad’s side, the Morrins/Flanagans. No paper, but multiple connections via DNA to documented (and tested) cousins is hard to beat.

Lastly, the McGing who took the Y DNA test and helped prove that we have a common ancestor (see elsewhere on this page) did an autosomal test and that test shows us as 3rd cousins. Normally that’s be great news but this person’s mom and dad were both McGings, his mom from a known line and his dad from a not yet connected line. So the autosomal test confirms the one known linkage and the Y DNA confirms the non-documented line through his dad. Big smiles all around.

December 2016 – As we head to the end of this year, it’s been overall pretty good. My wife has made tremendous strides, including nibbling at a Lithuanian brick wall that has been decades unmovable. I’m still scanning materials for posterity. Y-DNA testing needs a few more McGing males but so far finding we are likely to all be related. I put my gedcom data on this site (see below) because Rootsweb seems to be diminishing. Should they fail completely, this site would go dark as I’m hosted on Rootsweb and if that happens I’ll find a replacement hosting site. I own the domain name.

November 2016 I’ve been doing much more scanning and have more that I’ve found filed away that needs scanning to keep it preserved. DNA continues to be the prime way of linking family connections that records fail to do. Still hoping to find a link to someone who knows more than me about the family

September 2016 I’ve finished up the scanning and have a huge repository of scanned documents and records that I’m open to sharing with other McGing or related family researchers. Let me know if you’ve an interest, as I doubt I’ll put these online for a lot of reasons. No good news on breaking down any walls, although my wife can now reach back to the 1500s and is eligible for the D.A.R. Not bad, too bad my Irish records earlier than 1800 are pretty much non-existent

June 2016 I’ve been scanning old letters and have slowly been ensuring that these details are not lost and are included in the records. To that end, details.html is full of my Aunt May’s recollections and worth reading if you are a Donoghue or Lally or Whalen or McGing.

May 2016 It’s a safe bet that Scottish Gings, at least with a Stirling Scotland connection, are actually McGings with roots in Co Mayo who moved to work and who may have stayed. Finally found Scottish records that show McGing early and later show Ging and that show Co Mayo birth or marriage with later residence in Scotland. Proof the name shifted with change to Scotland. Plus, found a bunch of Austin’s in this group and the even rarer Philip, which are not common McGing names but are prevalent in my own and one or two others. Now the great news is that a branch of the family that moved to the US and became McGinn and a branch of the family that moved to England and I have taken Y-DNA tests and the results are in – all 3 of us share a common gr McGing grandfather. This is cool because on paper, I cannot link these 3 groups of families together, but the DNA says we are. My guess is mid-1700s or so for when we have the common ancestor. So my theory that all McGings are cousins may not be 100% true but it’s likely more true than not. And now we can test McGinns and Gings to see if they link up as well. Might be a way for families to learn about where they came from. Great data, quite exciting.

March 2016 As a family centered in County Mayo going back to at least 1800, my brick walls are going to be high and thick as the written record is simply not there for so many ancestors. I bring this up because we get a lot of emails from potential cousins via DNA and whose family history contains familiar names (but not clear ancestor lines) and so far I’ve simply had to say that unless they have better documentation (including family lore) there really isn’t a lot I can do. Now if you look at what Paul MacCotter has said (look up Surnames from the table below) it doesn’t seem that we came from the North, as was the supposition. But it’s still an open issue to better confirm or deny.Still looking for McGings or McGing relations of either sex to consider autosomal DNA testing (Ancestry.com or FTDNA tests) because at least one has linked to my dad. And for males surnamed McGinn or McGing from Mayo stock to consider spending the money for a Y-DNA-37 or better test at FTDNA.com.

January 2016 Oh boy, it's been literally a year since I found time to update this despite retiring. The site still active. In the intervening times we've had more data put online by commercial organizations , better tech such as DNA testing, smart web sites like MyHistory.com and social networking. I've been improving the records in my files with electronic copies of many Irish births and I have an off-line repository of a LOT of documents related to McGings and my mom's family. One of my long held beliefs was that all individuals using the McGing surname are related, but that is hard to prove given the Irish records of the times. I've a theory that there was indeed a family using that surname around 1780 or so that is the family that the modern McGings descend from. It's also my theory that the Mayo McGings were originally McGinn's from Antrim who left there due to sectarian strife. In modern times, McGing is essentially a Mayo exclusive surname which supports that theory. In December 2015, a McGing male older than me but not as old as my dad took a Y-DNA 67 test. I've also taken that test. We are from families that claimed no common relation to each other from both family lore and via standard genealogy records examination. The DNA results says that we are indeed related. Based on this information and the best records we can find, it is likely that this common ancestor existed around 1780-1820. Which is on target with the data, which is strengthened by the uniqueness of the surname and the fact it is localized in Mayo. So while I need more older male McGings to take a DNA autosomal and a Y-DNA test, in order to address the relationship via paternity, these small early results give a strong support for demonstrating more conclusively that we are indeed cousins. Plus I'd love McGings of both sexes to take autosomal DNA tests, which will help build up the data on the genealogy.

February 2010 Site still active just slow getting things online. I welcome contacts with interested folks

February 2007 Still plugging away, but a lot of my data has yet to be scanned or put online. I welcome contacts with interested folks

February 2006 Still plugging away, but a lot of my data has yet to be scanned or put online. I welcome contacts with interested folks.

December 2004 Wow, the easy work of simply gathering up as much data as possible has been pretty much done, and the hard work of analyzing the data is ongoing. And slow. But the data is here for the analyzing and if you figure out something or hahve new stuff to add, please let me know.

July 2004 - It's been almost a year, and it's not because I don't care or am not still researching family, but my computer died, my daughter was in her last year of high school and we had the college search thing and the job got intense. So I have a year's worth of backed up research to get to, things to digitize, leads to follow-up and I'll probably bever recover. But at least I now have both my html editor back up and my ftp program running.

August 2003 Still dealing with real life. Have detailed information on the Austin McGing/McGinn family which ended up in Montana and then Seattle. Found some 1911 Irish census stuff on Pat Deese's pages I didn't have. Wow, where did the time go? Real life got very insistent and genealogy took a backseat. It's been quite slow, but I hope to finish up the work in the 1837 online material reasonably soon.

June 2003 More slowness. Did add some 1891 UK Census items. Will be attacking the remaining birth index materials once the indexes are updated online. No breakthroughs or anything, just slow data collection. Redid the layout of my material (below, at bottom).

April 2003 Updated the UK census with my first 1891 find. Some new photos. Have been updating the UK Indexes of birth and death and marriage.

March 2003 More slowness. I've picked up some documentation for my files, but nothing for the web page. I think I've pretty much gleaned what I can from the Scottish web site for our Scottish cousins. Now there are some interesting Scottish McGinn items, but due to the cost, those are on hold for now.

February 2003 It's been a bit slow, I have simply been too busy to focus on much. So I'm playing catchup. I have a new page that contains data provided by Tom Kenny on land records from Tonlegee. I've been getting emails from McGinn researchers, so perhaps it's worthwhile to explain that my focus is on the Roman Catholic McGinns who came from Ulster to County Mayo about 1790-1810 and became Gings and later McGings. These McGings often emigrated to England, Scotland and the US, and quite often resumed the name McGinn. So if the McGinns are from Mayo, I'm interested. Added some stuff to the Miscellaneous page as well.

January 2003 Added more 1910 US Census materials. Created a new page on Australian McGings. Hopefully it'll get bigger. Was going through the piles of stuff I had at home and added some new photos, cleaned up some old stuff, did some housekeeping of the site. More 1881 UK Ging stuff here. I'm really behind in transcribing 1910 US census materials.

December 2002 More 1930 US Census materials. Updated more English Birth, death and marriage records

November 2002 Really added a LOT of 1930 US census material, Illinois and Pennsylvania. Added a 1910 US Census entry for an Austin McGinn, his wife Anna and brothers Thomas and John. Added 2 1930 New York US Census entries. Finished the 1930 US Census material (what's available so far).

October 2002 Updated the Ellis Island material as more manifests have become available. New 1860 US Census entry, updated the UK census reports and created a page for Scottish Census reports. New page with some Scottish marriages here. Found my first set of no-Catholic McGings. (I've a limited upbringing, never met a McGing who wasn't Catholic, but it figures that McGings come in all sizes, colors, shapes, religions and whatever.)

September 2002 I got a boatload of Scottish McGing data from the new Scottish web site. Way too much to transcribe, at least in the short term, but I did upload it to the worldconnect site in a new gedcom after I keyed it in. Fixed some data on the Ellis Island material. Been tinkering, just some general typo fixing and some new photos. Need to do those backlogged census items. Interested in a clock with the McGing coat of arms on it? Check out the latest at the store.

August 2002 Also, Sr. Helen raises some interesting name issues here. Tweaked the Irish census data with some additional information Sr. Helen provided. Bring attention to the UK, particularly Scottish census materials. I'm transcribing some 1901 Scottish Census materials for release shortly. Been revising the 1901 Irish Census data, and working on creating 1911 Irish Census pages. You should check out 1901 because they are more complete and when I had Form B available, I've listed home ownership facts plus the names of the neighbors.

July 2002 A new page on my great uncle Philip. Scanned some poetry on Lough Mask written by my father.

June 2002 New page: McGings in Queen of Heaven Cemetery, Hillside Illinois. Updated some 1901 Irish Census data and got some new Irish 1911 Census data here. A great web site for explaining Gaelic surnames is here. Well worth reading. Fixed some bad links, added a 1871 entry previously overlooked here and fixed some picture links. Some more 1920 Census stuff from Montana.

May 2002 Chicago voters rolls are a good way to get some data and I have some here. Also some new 1920 US Census data added here.

April 2002 As April winds down, comes 4 more 1920 US Census, this time from Missouri. Got abunch of UK birth, death and marriage certs, so those records have been updated. Reviewed my Ellis Island stuff,and found more data at that site that I've updated here. Worth reviewing. Found a J McGing who died in the2nd Anglo-Boer War in 1902 and is probably buried in South Africa. Updated some entries in the various UK extracts. Added an Austin McGinn who married a Mary McGinn in the marriage extracts and they are really McGings. I'm also investigating Ging as a possible varient of the name with more seriousness.

March 2002 More 1920 stuff. I use Ancestry.com and there are a number of interesting "McGings" in the index for 1920. There are some "McGings" in Louisiana (nope, not really) and in Georgia, who are listed as black and mulotto (nope, not really). Mary Chervenak just sent me a copy of a photo of my twin uncles Jim and Austin as boys. Pat Deese updated her materials, and check out the new material excerpted from her pages.

February 2002 1920 US census data is starting to become available, so check out the new census page. I'm seeing some familiar families and a few strays. Fixed some items, just general housekeeping so far. Updated the Glenmask 1883 Census page with some estimated year of birth data.

January 2002 Nothing much happened in December, and in January I've added a small UK McGinn death extract.

November 2001 Slow month. However, I got the 1881 UK Census on CD-ROM and have been slowly fixing up those pages. Now I have the street addresses for where the people lived at the time of the census.

October 2001 More 1910 census data for Gings. Was able to update some of the 1910 census data after locating copies of the census pages. Nothing earthshaking, but more details.

September 2001 Mary Chervenak found Philip McGing listed as a leatherworker in a Westport business directory of about 1840 - 1842. Added a new page based on some data I found in my files. I spoke with Paul MacCotter who unequivocally states that if a Ging claims Irish descent, it's a McGing. Maybe not a Ginn, but an Irish Ging is a McGing.

August 2001 As an emerging theory of where we came from, I am finding myself increasingly convinced that the McGings came from the North, despite not being found in any written documents that pertain to that emigration. Added some more headstone photos courtesy of Mary Chervenak. Busy with the 1900 census and found a treasure trove of Irish Gings (see 1900 census pages). Worth checking out both for McGings and Gings. Pat Deese has again found some new McGings, this time Denis MURPHY to Rose McGing 9/3/1825. Added more photo's, courtesy of Mary Chervenak's recent visit to Westport. Added come GIF copies of the 1818 Marquis of Sligo rent rolls. Too much to rekey, but has a lot of good data. New data from 1881 UK census, this time for Scotland.

July 2001 Found my granduncle James (McGinn). Sorely hurt by Social Security's fee increase, although I know SSA is evaluating the idea of putting this database on the net. Got some 1900 census data I need to abstract out, but it was disappointing as most were servants! I know there are McGings in the US prior to 1900, so why are they not showing up in the census index with their families? Not every one here was a servant in someone else's household!

June 2001 Found another McGing on the Ellis Island site. And there are some interesting McGin and Ging entries as well. Also updated the Social Security material with a new SS-5. Finally got the scanner working, so I've scanned some images of my family and some things relating to McGings. It's my long term goal to scan all the original documentation I have so I can at least put it on CD. Rootsweb doesn't have size limits, so I could put it online, but it'd be a LOT.

May 2001 Created a page about the Mayo Galway Border shift of 1898. Once I realized that my immediate family resided in the part of Mayo that once was Galway, I had to document it. Seems some scholarly research turns up my great great grandfather being a bit of a stand-up guy. Check it out here. Tweaked some new Ellis Island data, found enough data to really identify a family from Churchfield Upper. Not sure if they were related, but my family is from Churchfield, Lower. Created more miscellaneous pages to house some data I cannot categorize. It is here. Fell behind a bit, but it's become obvious that in my family, of my grandfather's time, most of those that left Mayo became McGinn. Almost every one of my great aunts and uncles left Ireland and used McGinn instead of McGing, making things a bit more difficult.

April 2001 Pat Deese updated her pages and I've updated my extracts from her here. Been tweaking things here and there, not much to report. Ellis Island records are now available online, so I've added an index of the McGings available there. You need to log on there and access their system to get more details, but as an index, this certainly is useful! Thanks to Carl who is up late California time to get access to the system there. Details from the Ellis Island site has been posted here. Found the McGing (McGinn) family who moved to Butte Montana; search my Ellis Island pages for the word Butte. Doesn't look like they are related to me after all. Am runing into the very real problem of McGing becoming McGinn once they leave Ireland. Have a quick index of Ellis Island McGinns as well. Have a death citation for a Bryan McGing, age 60, in 1883 in Ormskirk. Found a Bridget McGiny from Westport who came from Mayo to the US via Ellis Island in 1916.

March 2001 There was a new addition to the SSDI, a Margaret McGing. The web pages really load faster on the new server, but of course, if you are reading this, you know that already. Pat Deese is at it again, updating information and finding new leads for us.

February 2001 Nicola has had the South Mayo Centre do her family, and while we had a lot of this data already, they had some things, including a 1901 Irish Census on McGings we did not have. Jean McGing from England has helped by sharing some UK vital records. The latest report from Paul MacCotter supports the contention that the Mayo McGings are distinct from the Ulster McGinns. Not everyone agrees, so read up on it and decide for yourself.

January 2001 Nicola, a McGing from England, faxed me some information from the UK 1881 Census that I have transcribed. Haven't really analyzed things, but there are some deep English roots for some McGings! Need time to compare the census data against GRO extract data, as there are far fewer matches than you'd expect. Found an 1853 birth index entry for England of a Mary McGing. Found out that the WorldConnect site can do some neat reports such as this one and urge researchers to avail themselves of this useful tool.

December 2000 I have some new material on the history of the surname, it's well worth reading! A McGinn from Pennsylvania whose past relations were McGings has contacted me; I knew there had to be McGing McGinns out there! Will the Shane Connolly from Sydney, Australia please write me again? You never left an email address and I want to talk about your grandfather's name change from McGing to Connolly.

November 2000 Updated some census data for Springfield Ohio in 1920. English data is slowly being updated as I try and fill in English McGings. Any English McGings who know their history are invited to help me fill in the gaps. I've been documenting the McGings of Springfield Ohio, a family that appears to have died out.

October 2000 Got some new SS5 data added to the Social Security page. Am starting to wonder if some McGings became McGean once in the US? My name is often mispronounced just that way, so if spelled phonetically...? Added a new Dublin reference with a Ging as a sponsor to a 1828 baptism in Dublin. Have some 1910 Pennsylvania census data; perhaps some information on some unknown husbands. Added some new Ging data here. Turns out that the marriage record for Gladys Uslan (1936 mariage in England) was actually for a Gladys Nolan. Looks like the handwriting on the index is less than clear. I have her death certificate and her marriage certificate to John Maurice (or Maurice John) McGing thanks to Kenneth Uslan. Found a William Ging in Kosciusko County Indiana in 1837

September 2000 I got a book "Marriages in the Roman Catholic Diocese of Tuam, Ireland, 1821 - 1829" by Helen M. Murphy & James R. Reilly, C.G.R.S., 201pp., bibliography, map, full name index, 1993. that contained some new data that I put on this page. I've been perfecting data, working with some people who help me correct and identify relationship mistakes. I've had some luck with Ohio McGings in the late 1880s, and I've a few irons in the fire to complete the data available from Social Security. I've got a researcher looking into the history of the McGing name, that'll be interesting. With luck I'll be back to the Family History Centers finishing up the films there that I last saw in April or so.

August 2000 It's been slow. But I've been cleaning up and have posted a number of miscellaneous data in the Unassembled pages. Lots of Ging data in there and things I can't figure out where to put it.

June 2000 The Social Security page is almost all filled in, I updated a LOT of data here. Got 3 persons with McGing mothers SS-5 data online (Collins, Desmond, King) updated on the Social Security page. Pat Deese updated her materials and found some new entries; early 1820 marriage data in the Irish Vital Records page. Found new McGings by going to Rootsweb and using their new California Birth and California Death records, and using McGing in surname and mothers maiden name. Their Meta Search product doesn't search mothers maiden name! Search the Meta Search using McGing and also try Mc Ging.

May 2000 Found a Michael McGing and added him to the Social Security page. His name was spelled Mc Ging. More SS-5 updates on the Social Security page! The Atomz search engine now has more options. Created a page for McGing data from Galway. New data there worth checking out! Added 4 new SS-5 updates on the Social Security page. Getting more data on those elusive Cleveland McGings based on other data sources. Additional birth and marriage data from England has been added to the English Vital Records pages from borth and marriage certificates I have received. Updated the origins of the surname with information provided by Andrew Tyrrell. Updated more baptisms for 1828-1834 using family history film 1279209. Found some new additions to my Irish Vitals page.

April 2000 I found a new search engine with different capabilities from my existing one, and like both. So now I recommend you try them both, you may get differing results. The What's New button will track changed pages overtime. Found I missed 10 or so marriages/baptisms so fixed the page I created with Pat Deese's material. Updated the English Vital Records data in a number of ways. With Pat Deese's permission, I have extracted McGing related data from her web pages and pulled it together into one page. Hit the Family History Centers again, am looking at film 1279209 and added (or confirmed) information for 1829 into 1831. Updated some English vital records data. There's a lot more work on that film left to do. Added McGing births in England. Updated the materials stored at Rootsweb to include more collateral families to my line and updates in various proofs.

March 2000 Updated English vital records with a new reference to the County the districts are in. Added an advanced search function. Corrected many typos in the English Vital Records data.

February 2000 Sr. Helen as been busy and provided exerpts from the UK GRO indexes of death records and marriage for McGings. If you are from the UK or had family go there, you need to check this out! My Aunt Ann wrote me and provided an amazing view on the genesis of the name McGing and I've added it to this page. I also added a link to my cousin Mary's page. I have added a search option for this web page. And I must thank Mr. Tom Kenny for sending me esxcellent copies of the 1901 census data he had previously provided as an extract. I have a rare 1883 census of Glenmask supplied by Elaine O'Malley and material about the Glenmask McGings and O'Malleys that she supplied. I have completed one full LDS film and have clarified the web pages and titles that cover that data to be more specific. I have added a new page to handle data that I get from sources other than the LDS films, so that data is categorized based on where it was located. I also added some new exerpts on the origin of the name from a few new sources.

January 2000 I added 2 new pages: Aughagower Graves Data and Birth Registry Data. Thank you Sr Helen! I updated the surname basics page with newly identified cited information from some old books that discuss the origins of the name. I found a site that had the McGing coat of arms, so click on the thumbnail above to see it. I found a great web page that discusses Irish heraldry and surnames and the link is in the Irish Links page. Some LDS visit updates to the LDS transcription material. Not a whole lot of new stuff there. I've updated the SSDI material with a new response. I've gotten a lot of material related to the 1901 census for McGings which I have created new pages for. Those people who sent me copies of the actual census are people I am indebted to! I have also gotten some research that purportedly shows that the McGings came from Armagh. This deserves more research. The "book" has been distributed to a number of McGing related familes around the world who wrote and expressed interest in it and many have begun the tasks of writing down their histories and sending them forward. It's really gratifying to get this kind of response.

December 1999 There is a new banner on this page, thanks Don!! Due to holiday and work responsibilities, these are the last changes this year, decade and century (The millenium starts in 2001.) The McGing Family Genealogy "book" has been finalized and made available to those researchers who are seriously involved. Anyone interested in this data should write because it's not available just to anyone or to the general public. I have updated the LDS records with latest information. I have had to start subsidiary pages to handle this information, as the tables used seem to have a size limit, and going beyond means the page won't display. So don't get confused if you find things moved a lot! . I also updated the Social Security pages with recently received data. The layout of this page (the main page) has been modified to make it smaller and new inks to what was previously on this page have been created.

November 1999 I have a few pictures that are scans of grave markers in Aughagower online, I have added a page showing the results of my scanning films from the Family Heritage Centers. It's a longer term project, but I solicit people to look these over. I bit the bullet and transcribed the Griffiths valuations for the McGinns in Mayo. And there is no doubt that those are McGings in disguise. I've gotten a bunch of Social Security forms back and have transcribed the data onto a new web page.My thanks to Carl for getting me the basic data as a spreadsheet, it saved me hours of work! A link to the Connaught Telegraph where a page outlines emigrants from the area from 1904-1915. There's a Thomas McGing listed. Also a link to a web site that describes the year 1852 in Mayo. There is a statement about people leaving for England and Scotland due to the farming.

October 1999 I have created a new page for the information related to Neal McGing, I have updated information on a McGing family found in Missouri (see Census Reports), added information on a new McGing family found in the 1850 Ohio Federal Census, a new McGing mailing list, a new page listing Griffith's valuations for McGings in Mayo, some new Census bureau reports and updates on 2 McGing lines, one in Missouri and one in New York, new County Mayo map, some pictures of Ireland, rearranged items in the Links list and added a death certificate on one Austin McGing in Odds and Ends.

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