McGing/McGinn 1860 US Census

Ridgeway Township

Census Year State County Microfilm Publication Roll Page No.
1860 New York Orleans County M-653 836 878
Name Age Sex Race Occupation
Line 2 James McGing 29  Male White Day Laborer
Line 3 Mary  25 Female White Candler
Line 4 Mary Ann 4 Female White  
Line 5 Edward 2 Male White  
Line 6 Joseph 1 Male White  

This census doesn't list place of birth, but the State census show the kids as US born. There are no birth certificates in NY prior to 1881, and I'd like to check to see how they spelled the name of the family on baptismal records. I'd be interested in tracking down any of these 3 kids (above) to see if they or their parents were listed as McGing or McGinn.

This federal census is clearly a "McGing" but the state census's below are showing a listing as "McGinn" and a BC for the kids would clarify that. Also, there are some discrepancies with the age of James, but everyone else matches pretty well, so I'm satisfied based on what I've found that this is a line of NY McGings who may very well have turned into McGinns in the period between 1860 and 1865. Don't know where Mom and Dad came from in Ireland, but since I can't find them in the 1855 State census, I suspect they emigrated late 1855-1856 since their oldest is 4 years and alleges a US birth. I have a number of possible Irish connections that would match up from famililes where the sons took off and were never seen in Ireland again. So the next steps are baptismal records for any of the 3 kids listed above and immigration records for mom and dad.

Now, here's some links to New York's state census's - scroll to the McGinns:

Aned here is a link to St Mary's cemetery, where many of them are buried as McGinns

This family had a James, born in Ireland 1831, died in Medina NY 3/29/1890 Mary, 84 years old, died in Buffalo in 3/19/1922 was James wife.
Mary, daughter, born about 1856 Edward, son, born 1858, died 4/7/1936 in Medina NY
Jospeh, son, born 1859 Margaret, daughter, born 1860
James, son, born 1862 Thomas and John, twins, born 1864 John died 3/3/1928 Thomas died 1915
Julia, daughter, born 1866 Peter, son born 1868 died 3/10/1905 in Lockport NY
Sarah, daughter, born 1870 Andrew, son, born 1874 Died 5/27/1947
Willaim, son born 1875