McGing - O'Malley Glenmask

As related by Elaine O'Malley

The following information on the family of Austin McGing, son of James of Glenmask, Co Mayo was given orally by Mary McLaughlin Cousior, daughter of Julia McGing McLaughlin, daughter of Austin McGing.

"Family legend says that Austin McGing may have been born in Scotland. He was called "Avvy" by all who knew him. Glenmask is an enclosed valley. Road built by Rev. J.J. Corbett who was active in the land league."

From the parish record - Diocese of Tuam - Parish of Partry

Julia McGing of Glenmask was baptised on 2/24/1878 in Church in Tourmakeady. Parents were Austin McGing and Mary Collins. Sponsors were Patrick O'Malley and Bridget Collins.

From Death Register of Ballinrobe

Mary McGing, Female, Widow of Farmer, age 80 Died October 27, 1916 Glenmask. Cause of death: Debility of 4 days. No medical attendent.

(Mary is the widow of Austin McGing. One of his daughters told the story that she died after falling off a horse. Her age at death was mid-eighties.)

From Death Register of Ballinrobe

Austin McGing age 84 Quarter ended 12/31/1910. Volume 4, apge 29

Birth certificate

Catherine McGing born June 22, 1866 Ballinrobe Births Volume 9 page 51

Father Austin McGing Glenmask - Mother Mary Collins

Notes from interview with Stephen O'Malley in July 1980 at his home on Staten Island New York. Stephen is the son of Anthony O'Malley and Catherine McGing of Glenmask (daughter of Austin McGing).

"The McGings and O'Malleys both came from Glenmask in Co Mayo. Austin McGing (called Avvy) was like the squire of the littel village. Many came to him for his advice and help. He lived to be about 96 years old. Five of his daughters emigrated to America. His daughter Anne remained in Ireland and became the postmistress in Aghagower (which means blacksmith). During the struggle for independence around 1920, Anne McGing was questioned by the Black and Tans - a British occupying force - and she died soon after the questioning, possibly as a result of a heart attack caused by her fear."

"Catherine McGing came to Boston and worked as a domestic, probably for a family named Aldrich. Knowing that Anthony O'Malley was in Scranton PA, she wrote him asking that he come to Boston. He took his suggestion. In time they were married."

"Catherine's sisters Mary, Honora and Jlia came to the US, married and raised families."

"The O'Malley - McGing household was a gathering place for all the travellers from Ireland. Often a cousin, a nephew, a sister or brother would arrive at the door - always to be greeted with genuine joy."

"James McGing, son of Austin McGing and Mary Collins came to the US. It is possible that he committed suicide. Patrick McGing, son of Austin and Mary remained in Glenmask, married and had at least 3 children, all daughters."

"As far as we know there are no descendents of Austin McGing and Mary Collins who have the name McGing."

"Anthony O'Malley was the so of Patrick O'Malia and Mary McGing. We know of only one other child, a brother named John O'Malley who had a son named Michael O'Malley. Mary McGing, mother of Anthony O'Malley, was first married to a man from Glenmask named McKennally (sp). When Anthony O'Malley came to the US, he went first to Scranton PA where sons of the McKennally family had emigrated."

Interview on November 29, 1981 with Mary Anne Crosson Ford, granddaughter of Julia McGing of Glenmask Co Mayo.

"There were 7 Patrick McGings in the valley Glenmask. People from the valley went to Scotland to find work. People from the valley moved to Co Meath."

Information on children of Austin McGing and Mary Collins:

Mary McGing married Austin Lyden. A son, Austin Lyden, lived in Pride's Crossing, Massachusetts. A daughter married a man named Harney and had two children; Jack Harney a bank president in California and Austin Harney, a school teacher.

Ann McGing married Bernard Ludden. They were postmasters in Aghagower. Parents of 5 children, Augustine, Bernard, Marrion, who married Mike Callahan, Marguerete and John.

Patrick McGing married and remained in Ireland. His daughter Julia married a Connolly. Parents of Anthony Connolly of Glenmask.

Julia McGing, youngest child, only one who attended school. She learned dressmaking, never used a pattern. Worked as a cook for a family in Braintree, Massachusetts. Had a Fannie Farmer cookbook and made every recipie in it.

Interview with May Crosson daughter of Julia McGing, December 10, 1981:

"Julia McGing was youngest of the children of Mary Collins and "Avicheen" McGing. Avvy was physically a small man, spiritually a giant, a gentle man who was a friend to all the neighbors. They lived in various houses in the area. Even as a child, Julia moved to a better home."

"Mary, the eldest, married Austin Lydon and lived near Glenmask. Her daughter Margaret returned to Ireland after a short stay in the US. Her daughter Mary married a Walsh, and had 3 children; Molly, Austin and Margaret who married a Harney."

"Ann McGing married Bernard Ludden. Both worked in the post office. After a surprise visit and questionings by the Black and Tans, Ann suffered a miscarriage and died herself not long after. Julia was deeply saddened by the death of her sister."

"Julia McGing had first cousins Ann McGing and James McGing. Ann McGing married a Casey."