Neal McGing

In "History of Beaver County, Military History," there was a letter containing an official list for the year 1836 of the Revolutionary pensioners of the county. The letter is as follows:

Treasury Office of Penn'a, Harrisburg, May 12, 1836. To the Treasurer of Beaver County: Sit:--Agreeably to the Provisions of an Act of Assembly, entitled, "An Act authorizing and directing County Treasurers to pay gratuities and pensions to soldiers and widows of Revolutionary soldiers residing in this Commonwealth," I forward to you a list of persons residing in Beaver County...........J. Lawrence, State Treasurer...........Neal McGing [and 21 others]

So I wrote to the fellow below who does research at the National Archives, and this is what he said:

Hello John: I checked on Neal McGing in the Revolutionary War military records at the National Archives, gratis, and did not find a record pertaining to him; the Revolutionary War records are fragmentary, and incomplete; although many records DO exist for individuals, there were many that were lost "through the ages" and by fires through time. Also, many individuals who fought in this war were not serving under Federal jurisdiction and therefore would not be in the collection of the National Archives. For instance, individuals who fought under state militias or partisan groups that were not activated or mustered into Federal service would not be in the archives holdings. If one of your ancestors served in this war and I inform you that there is no record at the archives, this just means that either the record is not in their holdings, or he could have been part of a state organization fighting in the war - I just wanted you to bear this in mind. These criteria also exist for ALL the military records from all the wars in the Archives, the individual must have served in a Federal capacity to be found there.

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So, this must be a long term effort and put off till later. This will obviously take a long time.