Scottish Records

April 2, 2018 All of this information and 20 times more is now available online at various sites but given how much work this was, no harm in leaving it.


There are very likely errors in the spelling of Scottish place names. Your input on correct spelling is appreciated.

I have original copies of the following from the General Register Office. Please contact me if you're interested in these people.

Marriage 1857 Marriage certificate states that they were married October 19, 1857 in the Catholic Chapel Stirling. Witnesses appear to be Anthony Cassidy and Henry McVeigh. Michael Conway was a 20 year old farm laborer, who resided in Stirling. Jude McGing was a 20 year old spinster, residing in Stirling. His parentes were Philip Conway, agricultural laborer and Mary, nee Staunton. Her parents were Michael McGing, agricultural laborer and Catherine, nee McJadyson (??) Married by Paul MacLachlan, Catholic clergyman.

Marriage 1880 Marriage certificate shows marriage took place November 25, 1880 at Haltarip (??) Catholic Chapel, Dunbar. James McGing, Shale Minor and bachelor (age 27), usual residence Lasswade, son of Anthony McGing, a loborer and Bridget McGing, nee Maleigh, married Mary Gilloly, domestic servant and spinster (age 25), usual residence Weatherarm(??) Dunbar, daughter of John Gilhooly, laborer and Catherine nee Gilhooly. Parish of Dunbar, County of Haddington. Married by a priest, William Brady, witness Patrick Walsh and Bridget Gilhooly.

Marriage 1903 Marriage certificate shows that they were married June 16, 1903 at St Miriams Cathedral, Perth, according to the rites of the Episcopal Church in Scotland. Samuel Dentus was 26 years old, a general laborer and bachelor, whose parents were Samuel Dentus, coal miner (deceased) and Catherine nee Griffiths. Mary Ann McGing was a Jilt (??) Preparer, 18 and a spinster, daughter of Patrick McGing, Stone (??) and Bridget nee Connolly (deceased). He resided at 58 South Street, Perth, she resided at 60 Atholl Street, Perth. Witnessed Herbert John Hudden and Catherine Cooke.

Marriage 1904. Marriage certificate shows that William Grant, club waiter and bachelor, age 23 of 20 Tillie St, Glasgow, married Mary McGing, domestic servant and spinster, age 25, of 28 Fernie St, Maryhill, Glasgow on April 26, 1904 at 52 West Nite Street. Witneses were Thomas Mullen and Annie Bleasdale. William's parents were William Grant, club waiter and Catherine, nee Nicholson. Mary's parents were John McGing, mason, and Sarah, nee Cairns, deceased. This was an irregular marriage, showing a sherrifs warrant. Warrant of Sherrif suibstitute of Lanarkshire dated April 26, 1904.

Marriage 1917 Marriage certificate states that they were married October 5, 1917 at the Roman Catholic School at Cowdenbath. Groom was Thomas McGurk, a Coal Miner and bachelor age 29, she was Catherine McGing, a domestic servant and spinster age 29. He resided on Main Street, Lorryburn, she resided 38 Broad St, Cowdenbath. Her parents were James McGing, coal miner (deceased) and Mary McGing, nee Gilhooly. His parents were Patrick McGurk, coal miner and Catherine McGurk, nee O'Neill, deceased. Married by Rev John Andrew Macintyre, RC priest. Witness John McGing and Sarah Kelly.