McGings in Australia

We know some McGings emigrated to Australia in the 1950s, as there was some scheme just for that and because Patrick  Christy” McGing (RIP) told me that's when and why his family moved to Oz. But we didn't have any data about any other McGings in Australia other than Christy and his family. And I know there are a few, including a few athletes who make the news.  Hoping sometime to connect with them and see where they fall in the tree.  And maybe willing to do DNA?

Meet Martin McGinn, from Westport County Mayo.

Martin McGing

Martin served in the Australian Army during WWII, and I obtained his military records. He spelled his name McGinn, stated he was born in Westport, Co Mayo Ireland on January 15, 1903. I'm sad to say Martin passed in Australia on August 6, 1951. Martin never married, and lived (and died) in Jannali, which I take is in New South Wales.

Martin mentioned as next of kin a second cousin Michael McGinn.  Actually Michael used McGing his whole life, so this was likely Martin using McGinn instead of McGing when referencing his cousin. I know his family tree.  This Michael was a suspected member of the Irish Brotherhood and ran into trouble with the Colonial authorities in the late 1910s and early 1920s.  He later became a well known teacher of Irish dance.  He lived and worked as a gardener at the Lewisham Hospital, Lewisham, Sydney, New South Wales.  As far as we know, Michael never married or had children.

I'd certainly say that if there are any McGinns in Oz with Mayo roots, we need to talk!